Slouchy 'pj' Bottoms you can Wear ALL Day

Our Parasol-UK slouchy, cotton bottoms are for boys AND girls for living, lounging AND sleeping. They are also equally popular with our older customers who just want something stylish and comfortable to wear in bed!

All our designs are pure cotton, with two deep pockets, a small pocket at the back, elasticated waist, front tie and cut in a relaxed style to make them super-comfy which is what we are always told they are. Boys tend to wear them lower and girls on the waist so the length works for all.

Our current designs are versatile bestsellers and we are sure our new ones will be just as popular. They are a really GREAT present for that teenager, niece, nephew, friend you can't think what to give!

Free P&P until end of November with code FREEP&P


Polly & Sarah